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ECOFONDO is a non-governmental, non-profit, public interest organization of environmental groups with administrative autonomy and legal status. Our social objective is to bring together environmental groups throughout the country, with the aim of coordinating joint promotion, thought and political action in relation to environmental issues alongside the strengthening of social movements and local organizations. We also aim to recognize the country’s ecosystemic and cultural diversity, bearing in mind an investigative and participative approach, in order to deepen and extend knowledge, management and recovery of the environment and sustainable human development, with democratic criteria to advocate and champion positive changes to legislation and promote participative environmental management.

Our lines of work are environmental political action and environmental management, understood as actions aiming to have an impact on the structural causes of environmental problems, actions to strengthen grassroots movements in search of gender and generational equality, and actions for social and environmental justice.

ECOFONDO aims to incorporate the following public interest and social purposes:

  • Bringing together environmental organizations based in Colombia which share ECOFONDO’s aims.

  • Strengthening the organizational infrastructure between different environmentalist groups, in partnership with other organizations and social movements; achieving a sense of belonging, building synergies, engagement, empowerment and autonomy in environmental management and policy.

  • Building and contributing to collective formation of environmental organizations and communities related to ECOFONDO, and public policy proposals and regulations which are capable of impacting on future scenarios and public administration, such as Social Movements and the State, in order to contribute to the transformation of environmental reality.

  • Driving processes and action in territories, on behalf of environmental and social organizations, as well as different ethnic groups, which contribute to environmental sustainability, bearing in mind gender and generational equality in the solution of environmental problems and their structural causes, with a focus on human rights, collective rights, and respect for the environment.

  • Promoting, creating and supporting the formation, management and execution of plans, programs and projects which intend to support management, conservation, recovery and knowledge of the environment and sustainable human development in Colombia, cooperating with private and public bodies which have similar aims, with transparency of ECOFONDO’s principles and those of its affiliated organizations.

  • Collectively building up environmental thinking, forming and carrying out investigational processes, plans and programs, training and dissemination, within the framework of network policies and partnerships, enriching learning and theory through exchanging experiences, discussions and publications about the different subjects, in order to strengthen the organization, politicization and management capability of members and of social movements.

  • Planning and developing actions which have a lasting impact and which are visible to the public, in the framework of promotion and consolidation of partnerships with regional, national and international strategic partners around axes of mobilization and action, in order to participate with greater efficiency in the development of currents of opinion which mobilize the participation of the general public around environmental issues.

  • Contributing to sustainability and the construction of alternative environmental cultures, through processes of positive change of territorial realities, through participative environmental management and environmentalist political action.


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